The Potterologist

If you just love J.K. Rowling's fictional worlds and Harry Potter saga, enjoy the adventures of ThePotterologist!

Fictional Worlds

Magic events and Harry Potter marathons! Starting from Harry Potter's books and films, adding a Degree in Potterologism, The Potterologist conjures magical adventures such as parties, halloween, cosplay meetings, marathons for every witch and wizard at heart, from owl age to weddings...



The Potterologist's a thoroughly expert of Harry Potter related places in the U.K. and devises Harry Potter journeys in London, Scotland and Abruzzo.

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Pictures and marvels regarding the fabulous and magic The Potterologist world. Would you meet her? Just send this owl! Meanwhile, start dreaming and planning your adventure with ThePotterologist and make a proposal! Dreams come true.

This could be your owl!

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